Saturday, November 7, 2009

Silently Waiting

The garden cherub looked so peaceful and pensive all summer. He appears melancholy on the inside of the patio door, where he rests for the winter.

It's for his own good. I learned the hard way that most small statuary and garden ornaments need protection from freezing weather. A lovely mosaic birdbath lost all its tiles over winter a couple years back. I won't make such a mistake with this little fellow.

So he, and his companions, will remain indoors for the winter. I sit with them and we all view the garden until spring, silently waiting for the return of warmth and another season of growth.


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  2. The garden cherub looks so peaceful and serene with his companion! I have two little garden cherubs and a mosaic garden birdfeeder with a Cherub. Fortunately the winters here are mild so they can stay outside all winter.

  3. Hi Julena~~ This is a good reminder. I should get my loot to a sheltered area too. Wood can really deteriorate quickly. Love your cherub.

  4. Thanks for the reminder, that must be how my pond cherub lost his frostbite! And I thought they must have been bumped somehow.

  5. TC, you are fortunate. After my little trip to TN I find myself longing for a warmer climate. I have to bloom where I'm planted for now though. :)

    Fox, thank you!

    Grace, always a pleasure to hear from you. Thanks for your comments.

    Kathi, The poor thing! Yes, it definitely pays to protect our garden ornaments. I don't think items that are concrete require such protection, but my motto is, if I can lift it, inside it goes. Moisture getting into crevices, then freezing, will destroy whatever it can.