Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mid-November: Things to See

Today was sunny and mild so I pulled thistles and sprayed weeds in the flower bed. I did this as daylight faded to dusk, so I hope the spraying is effective. It was too breezy to risk it earlier in the day. I have other garden chores to attend to; maybe tomorrow will also be pleasant.

After the blaze of autumn color that we had the past few weeks the vista here is dull and brown. Above I show the view just beyond my flower beds. Although it looks barren, every little movement made by the local populations of deer, fox, coyote, raccoon, rabbit and hawk is more visible now. I find my eyes constantly sweep the horizon, looking.

Oh, and speaking of things to see: the stars on these clear evenings are dazzling. As we approach new moon (Nov. 16, to be exact), the sky appears velvety and dark, and the planets and stars glitter all the more brightly.

I stolled the yard with Roxy, our little yorkie-lhasa apso mix, last night at about 10 PM. I faced west and searched the sky for constellations--I'm no pro, but I do recognize the Big Dipper. I turned around so I could take everything in, and there was Orion, the hunter, caught mid-leap over the eastern horizon. "Oh, there you are!" I said out loud. Roxy looked up at my comment, but soon found the enticing smells of night more interesting than anything I had to say. Between my skywatching and her ground-sniffing, we observed the night and found it to be excellent.


  1. Hi Julena~~ Beautifully written!! So well in fact that I was there with you. I wish I really had been there because I don't know where Orion is or how to ID it, him.

    On Blotanical, your blog is listed in the "unreliable feeds" at the bottom of my list. I don't know why this is but it's why I am so hit and miss with your blog. Maybe you can contact Stuart [if you haven't already] and find a way to remedy this. I'm probably revealing my computer ignorance....

  2. Even if I didn't know better, I'd know those farm photos came from Ohio! It does get drab this time of year, doesn't it?

  3. Roxy is a nice name, Roxy music, we have a Roxy theatre here in Chennai, very old.

    i too keep gazing at the sky Julena on my terrace when i am alone. When somebody comes up its hard to explain. i say i was doing nothing.

    Things used to cool down by November in my city of Chennai after a spell of rains, but it continues to be very hot this year, looks like the earth is moving closer to the sun.
    Hope you are doing fine Julena