Friday, January 14, 2011

Gemini to Taurus

Making the rounds today is a story that says the signs of the zodiac are incorrect and there has been a shift. What? How can they do this?

Suddenly, I am no longer a Gemini, but a Taurus. No longer the twin, known to be dual-natured and flighty, complex and elusive; now I am the bull, steadfast and prudent, solid and loyal--a bovine, for heaven's sake! (Pardon me if you are also a Taurus.)

One of my coworkers read the description of a Taurus and helpfully offered, "Well, you ARE stubborn."


That may well be. But what about "witty and communicative?" What about "intellectual and lively?" I am those in spades! What about my "mercurial" nature? Am I suddenly "solid and stubborn," like a bull? No. I reject this new designation. And while I do not read my daily horoscope, and I believe our lives are influenced much more by attitude and application than by astrological sign, I am not going to accept this new assignation. I reject it, and that's that. I refuse to be budged. Like a...bull!

Photo of Gemini rose from Edmunds' Roses.