Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ft. Wayne Flowers

Everything from flats of colorful coleus to arrangements of exotic and unusual orchids were on display this weekend at the coliseum in Ft. Wayne this weekend. Gourdo and I took it all in, dreaming of what will happen here once the weather warms up.
We both bought seeds. Gourdo bought--you guessed it--gourd seeds. I'm wondering if he'll resurrect "Gourdhenge" this spring? It was a pergola-like structure covered with gourd vines. Quite impressive!
I bought flower seeds. Nothing too unusual: cosmos, larkspur, zinnias, etc. for the cutting garden I hope to install. I snapped up as many different kinds of sunflower seeds as I could.
There were lots of hydrangeas on display at the show. All of them were brilliant blue. I overheard people commenting about how their hydrangeas always turn pink. I think it's a challenge in this neck of the woods to grow them blue. It requires acid soil and ours just isn't. No matter how much I've tried to amend the soil with acidifiers, it never seems to turn them the brilliant blue of pot-grown hydrangeas. I think pH is easier to control in potted plants. Also, in order to give hydrangeas the sheltered location they crave this far north, I end up putting them near the concrete foundation of the house, and that in iteself affects the pH, in my opinion. I'd rather enjoy them as pink flowers and turn to other plants for spots of blue in my garden.
If the displays I saw are any indication of what will be popular in landscaping trends this year, I'd say colorful foliage plants like coleus will be big. Weeping trees are popular, and every kind of tree seems to be weeping lately. Using exotics as annuals is something I noticed. It seems as though every nursery carried a selection of exotics. There were lots of succulents, including varieties that I'd drooled over in gardening books and magazines. I refrained from buying any live plant material because I didn't want to play nursemaid to them for the two more months of cold weather that we have ahead of us.
Gourdo gathered flyers from a number of nurseries. We plan to take a spring road trip in May and check them out. It should be a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to it already. Flower photos by JulenaJo.


  1. The flowers and foliage are so lovely! Thanks for the pretty pics! :)

  2. The arrangements are beautiful. You really got great pictures of them. I'm going to our small home and garden show next month - haven't been for a few years now but for being little it's pretty good and I usually find something I have to have.

  3. Lovely pics, you must have had a great time, all those colorful plants in a warm place. We are having our 12th storm, freezing rain at the moment while I too dream of spring and planting.

  4. You got some great photos. I've never been to a flower show but was thinking about going to the one in Chicago. Your planned roadtrip to visit nurseries sounds like fun.

    Wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting my site and leaving a comment. It's great to find new blogging friends. Your climate must be pretty much like mine so we have a lot in common.

  5. Coleus are always one of my favs. I have a girlfriend with a Joanhinge in her backyard. Some random stones that her husband set up under a tree. Giggled to see that you have your own in your backyard. Imagine that the gourds would make quite a display. Looking forward to seeing next year's photos.

  6. Lovely pictures. I can't grow 'em, but I love to look at 'em!