Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Day Awaits

I'm giving myself--and you, friends--a pick-me-up nosegay. The fickle spring weather has brought me a little low. Last week was sunny and fairly mild, but today the temperature outside is dropping. Early morning sunshine has disappeared under a ragged layer of cloud that holds promise of raindrops and maybe even a few flakes of snow.

It's tempting to give in to a full-blown sulk, but before crawling back into bed and pulling the blankets over my head, I think I'll do something creative. I have a tatting work-in-progress. Art supplies beckon. I've two or three books at hand that I could delve into, including: Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese and Laughter on the Stairs, the Beverley Nichols sequel to Merry Hall, which I wrote about on March 12.

As I peruse these options, the day doesn't seem quite so lost. Instead, it looks more like a gift. Of course, as I wrote this I sipped a large, energizing cup of coffee. I must be off. The remainder of the day awaits! Nosegay clipart from Dover.


  1. Thanks! It is very very pretty. cold here too.

  2. I sympathize with you, but the sun did come out here - and shines brightly on the snow. The temps are in the 40s, and supposed to be warmer tomorrow. I hope it gets warmer for you. I love the nosegay, very much a reminder of spring!

  3. Julena, you are just like me. I got spoiled just with the few days of warm weather we had. It sure is a messy one today. The nosegay graphic is so pretty. I went with the book option myself for today :)

  4. Julena Jo.. I agree... a gift indeed!!! Sometimes we all need a little time to relax...

  5. I know. The weather has been weird here too. I have to get used to wearing a jacket outdoors and then once I've been working, I get heated up and take it off...a wind picks up...put it on...the sun comes out...take it off...!

  6. Julena, we all have secret desire to perform miracles. Some may not accept but we all do, believe me. No one can stop me from wishing i could something magical. i really wish i could send you some sunshine from here, we have just too much of it.

    Money has been ruling our lives. We have lost the sense of value and we are no longer aware of most precious gifts. We in India don't value sunshine water or clean air, we value only money.
    i am a poor man Julena, but i feel rich with nature's kindness, wish i could share it with you.