Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Redeeming Love

This weekend I devoured a wonderful novel that my friend Cheryl recommended to me, Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. When she slid it over the Library check-in desk toward me, urging me to read it, I glanced at the cover, dismayed. A bodice-ripper, I thought, Cheryl reads bodice-rippers? Oh, no. I couldn't bear it. Yet when a friend recommends a book, I like to at least give it a try.
Boy, am I glad I did.
This is an inspirational historical romance. Whew! Francine Rivers is a writer who came to Christ later in life, and this was the first novel she wrote after that. Much of the above made me want to avoid reading this book. I generally shun romance as I find so much of it unrealistic and sappy, and I often find what passes for "inspirational" writing to be preachy and condescending. Rivers' novel features wonderful characters in a plot so gripping I could not put it down. Although the story is deeply satisfying in itself, the way the lovers, Sarah and Michael, grow personally, in their love for God and for each other, opened my heart to spiritual and emotional growth, too. All who walk the path of Christ, regardless of denomination, will welcome the messages revealed in Redeeming Love. Thank you, Francine Rivers! I look forward to reading more of your books. Thank you, Cheryl, for recommending a great read!
And now, readers, I urge you: do yourself a favor.

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  1. Hi JulenaJo. Thanks for dropping in on my blog. I appreciate your visit and of course, your comment.

    I'm a reader of non-fiction, which isn't to say I don't read other genres, I think the type of book you just read is an acquired taste. Or maybe I'm worried it might lessen my masculinity should I read a romance novel of any sort. Regardless, I met a very nice woman author last summer who writes "a mix of literary fiction and genre romance." You can visit her blog if you're interested: http://www.lkhunsaker.com/main.htm