Saturday, January 31, 2009

One Month Nearer

We were lucky.
We didn't have as much snow as many did this week. We didn't have the ice that paralyzed the southern parts of the state. Still, as you can see in the photos I took from the center of the road in front of our house, there was enough to keep road crews busy.
The worst part of our weather was, as it so often is, the wind. Although it wasn't blowing when I took the photos, gusts of wind wipe out the roads in a short time. Visibility is impaired by blowing snow, and unexpected drifts on top of ice make travel treacherous.
This was the last day of January. There's a possibility of more snow in the next few days--and winter is far from over. But we are one month nearer to spring. I'm ready. West & East photos by JulenaJo.


  1. Its like we crawl slowly through winter and run too fast through summer, its always over too fast. Isnt it great to have longer days, I'm glad january is over too.

  2. So, how did the groundhog do in your part of the country? It looks suspiciously like Spring already here in the Sierra foothills: our trees are already budding up, and the daffodils are getting close.

    But except for a nice rainstorm last weekend, we're dry -- too dry.

  3. spring being closer is a sweet sound!!!

    snow!!! we have had way too much.. I should learn to ski!! maybe I could endure this season better!! but then I'd probably break both my legs!!