Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gallica Gentleman

This gentleman is a gallica, an heirloom rose blooming once in the spring, magnificently. 'Tuscany Superb' is his name. He's tough, shrugging off Ohio's bitter winters and blazing summers with aplomb. Although he can be a rogue, sending suckering canes where he will, this one indiscretion is easily forgiven. His deep crimson, velveteen petals hide a coronet of golden stamens at the heart of each blossom. Everyone who sees him will comment on the rich color and satin sheen of his many blooms. His musky cologne entices, but does not overpower. His foliage is neat and green, borne on a tidy, smallish shrub. Tuck 'Tuscany Superb'--and other once-blooming heirloom roses--into the back of a flower bed where they can be enjoyed in the spring, and grow into green oblivion for the rest of the summer. Tuscany Superb photo by JulenaJo.

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