Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Pogonip!

Pogonip, as I understand it, isn't really a happy thing. It's a special form of dense fog that contains needle-like crystals of ice. To go out in it spells doom because one risks being lost in the fog and freezing to death. Even more deadly is breathing in the fog, for the ice crystals wreak havoc on the lungs. Hence, the Farmer's Almanac periodic warning: Beware the Pogonip!
What I woke up to this morning is probably hoarfrost. I think that's an ugly word for something so beautiful. Sometimes I say rime instead, but that reminds me of an ancient mariner. So I say pogonip. Technically incorrect, but a fun word to say.
It was foggy and cold and ice crystals formed on the trees. Before daylight, the fog dissipated. I'll have to drive to work soon and will be unable to take a photo of the truly glorious sight of crystal-cloaked trees on fire with the sun. Alas! Photos by JulenaJo.

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