Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stars, Sparkles, Seeds and Snaps

Stars: The sepals of spent roses look like stars in my autumn garden. Some roses may form hips, red or orange, vitamin C-rich fruits good for tea, jelly or jam--and a superb food source for winter birds.

Sparkles: Frost rims nepeta leaves and sedum blossoms. On sunny autumn mornings there are a few minutes where the garden sparkles like it has been scattered with diamonds before the frost melts away. I found it impossible to capture on film, but those fleeting moments are breathtaking.

Seeds: Rudbeckia nitida seedheads add interest to the autumn garden and provide food for the finches. Viewed closely, the intricate pattern is a marvel.

Snaps: Old-fashioned snapdragons retain bloom until the bitterest frost finally brings them down. These pink beauties seem to glow in the morning sun, apparently unfazed by the frost that blackened flowers all around them. Garden photos by JulenaJo.


  1. What wonderful pictures! Love the seed heads. Too bad about the frost getting you but it makes pretty pictures. Enjoy our mini heat wave ;-)

  2. Hi JulenaJo~~ Clever prose and wonderful photos. Seeing the kiss of frost gets me nostalgic for the cooler days. I love rose hips too. I'm letting them stay for the birds and for the beauty of it.

  3. Jolena, I have to confess to some worry, seeing frosty weather like that. I never look forward to Winter, I swear. I am sure it's a fault. But your pictures are gorgeous and it;s good to see you break out of your "writer's block". Oh yeah, I do know that one. Stay happy and keep on blogging!

  4. Hi Jo: Lovely pics, all of them. I didnt know that snapdragons are cold hardy. I'm going to grow some next year as just about everything here has been frost killed.

  5. oh lovely, nature never ceases to amaze me. These are not found in our part of the world.
    You make the world more beautiful Julena.