Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Break in the Dry Spell

It's been one month since I've made a blog entry. Writer's block!
Everything seems to be in transition these days: the garden, my handcrafting, my reading and writing.
Everything seems to have gone dry for me. It's like the drought that plagued the county all summer sucked my creativity dry, too.
What finally snapped my month-long wordless spell was a trip to Hocking County to visit my mother-in-law. At her gentle insistence, I sat down to paint with her. It was good to dabble with watercolors again. I've been wanting to do so for a while, but I seem to procrastinate even doing the fun things these days. The little painting above, which I hastily and poorly photographed just so I could get something, anything posted tonight, was the result of an hour or so of putting brush to paper. Although it isn't a masterpiece, it accomplished something within me: a break in the dry spell, a creative renewal. Viewed from that perspective, I think it's beautiful.


  1. Hi Jo, nice to see you back. I like the way the shed and the distant trees seem to be leaning together as if they are in some kind of communication. A very quiet and peaceful painting.

  2. Yes it is beautiful Julena
    Reminds me of one of Wyeth's. All the great nasters took up the brush for the first time one day Bigger image looks better.

    There is dry period in everybody's life. And its not green always.
    Hope you are doing fine Julena

  3. I like it. Man vs. Nature. Your little shed, with the sun on its back, is vying with the elements, imperceptibly leaning right against the grass and trees - even the hills - trying to push it left.

  4. Your painting looks like a scene from around my area. Lots of small outbuildings in grassy rolling fields. Most of them lean away from the prevailing winds.

  5. attagirl. Keep painting.

  6. What an absolutely gorgeous painting, Jo. Don't worry about the "writer's block". We all get it. Make sure you have fun with this blogging thing. When it becomes a chore, then it's time to take a walk and maybe go somewhere and cause trouble. That works for me! ;-)

  7. ....or, you could paint! This is very, very good!
    Fox : )