Friday, February 19, 2010

Mid-February Scenes

I'm sharing some scenes from my little neck of the woods this mid-February. The first shot shows how the snow is banked up beside some of my roses. I wish the roses were covered in the snow, actually, as it would provide better protection for them, but this is ok, too. At least the wind cannot buffet them while the snow lasts. Today is sunny and relatively mild and some of the snow is melting off. Lest we get too comfortable with that, the television warns more snow may come sometime this weekend. Enough, already!
In the middle shot is the new baby, Bruiser. Bruiser is a blue heeler, also called an Austrailian cattle dog, 7 1/2 weeks old. The name "heeler" comes from how these shepherd dogs nip at the heels of sheep and cattle when they work them. The breed is supposed to be smart and affectionate. So far he seems to be pretty smart, but he is awfully young. Bruiser is the most speckled pup I have ever seen. Apparently, he was all white when he was born. It will be interesting to see how his coloration develops as he matures. Roxy is accepting her new playmate well, I think, and he has made these late winter days a tad more tolerable around here, to say the least.
The final shot is of the lovely bouquet of mauve roses and alstromeria that my daughter received from her boyfriend for Valentine's Day. These luscious roses have opened beautifully. She thoughtfully left them out for the whole family to enjoy, and, believe me, I do!
What's new with you?


  1. What a cute puppy! I agree with you, enough already! I'm hoping the snow in the forecast will miss us here in Indy!

  2. Well how inconsiderate of that big old snow drift not to protect those roses.LOL! That is so strange that it all did not blow right up against your house. Ahh, what a cute puppy. It will get lost in one of those drifts ;-)

  3. I'm looking at bare lawn, just a speck of snow here and there... my mind says its spring but my common sense is screaming "Dont fall for it! It's a trick, the snow will come back again, this is Canada!" I'm out doing all kinds of yard stuff, love it.
    What a darling puppy!

  4. Hi Julena~~ My apologies for not visiting in so long. Boy your neck of the woods is sure getting hammered this year, isn't it? However, like you said, at least the snow is insulating the rose bushes from the wind. Your puppy is adorable and the roses, I can almost smell their fragrance. How nice. Stay warm. Spring will come.