Sunday, February 28, 2010

In Like a Lion...

The sun is trying to peek out today, but I'm not sure the winter weather is quite ready to leave us. I think March will be in like a lion--and, hopefully, out like a lamb. I'm glad there is a small break in the snow and ice today so that my son can come to visit us. It's been too long since I've seen him and I am looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, out in the flower bed, the only activity is the foraging of tree sparrows and goldfinches and even a few brave robins, come out of the woods to look for fruits left hanging on ornamental trees and shrubs. The winter winds have tilted all the shepherd's crooks that hold thistle seed socks. Wrought iron ornaments have fallen into the snow and are buried. I'll right them when the snow melts away. There are patches where the snow has already receeded somewhat, but those patches reveal mostly puddles of mud as the ground is still too hard and frozen to allow water to sink in. I hope all the snow we've had this winter renews the plants in my garden that struggled last year, in particular the oaks and roses.

I'm thinking of purchasing some seeds for starting indoors. One year I did flats of vinca and it was nice to have something going on in early spring. It was cheap, too, compared to buying flowers from a nursery. Mid-March is the time for sowing seeds indoors. The calendar says spring is coming, even if Mother Nature isn't letting us know!


  1. Going out like a Lamb would be great wouldn't it. I have not seen a Robin yet. I will have to watch for them now.

  2. Julena, we have to hold on tight now, because spring will surely arrive eventually. It's March today, so that makes it seem so much closer! I can hardly wait. I have a feeling it will be the best garden year yet, with all this melting snow we'll be so green! I was hoping that would be my pink and green plant, but the foliage is not quite right. To be honest, it looks like a male kiwi vine, but I can't imagine them selling that at Meijer as a houseplant!

  3. I suppose this severe winter will make spring and summer that much sweeter. If only it would hurry up.

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