Friday, January 22, 2010

Flowers in the Snow

Although I seldom remember my nightly dreams upon waking, there was a period a few years back where I had a series of recurring, vivid dreams about gardens.

One such dream featured an overgrown, neglected rose garden that I would discover in the yard of a house that, in my dream, I was considering purchasing. The house was always different. Sometimes it was an eerie Victorian mansion, damp and ornate, but long-unoccupied--on the verge of collapse. Other times it was a suburban modular, plain and unappealing, also long-unoccupied but otherwise habitable. Several times it was one of the two houses I grew up in as a child.

In all cases, the thing that really piqued my interest was the garden. Dazzling, unusual flowers grew in an untamed tangle all around the house. Roses grew with wild abandon, canes rocketing out of the soil to reach dizzying heights. I always had to reach up and pull the opulent blooms down to smell them. I couldn't wait to lose myself in the garden, trimming and pruning and restoring order and the lost beauty of the original garden. In every dream, I had misgivings about the houses, but felt irresistably drawn to the mysterious, old, neglected gardens.

In another series of recurring dreams, I find myself walking in the snow. Suddenly, I come across a garden in full bloom. I'm stunned and marvel at the beautiful red tomatoes hanging on lush green vines and at scarlet poppies waving on prickly stems above a drift of white snow.

How does this happen? I wonder. What kind of gardener can make flowers bloom in the snow?

I wake feeling happy after these dreams, but I have no idea what they indicate about my psyche. Who dreams of flowers in the snow? What does it mean?

I carried a bouquet of dried flowers and seed pods outdoors for a photo today. I'm looking forward to planting lots of everlastings this spring. I like the idea of flowers that last all winter. I need flowers in the snow. Photo by JulenaJo.


  1. Hi Julena~~ Very interesting dreams! Have you considered buying a dream dictionary? It identifies elements of your dreams and possible explanations. I use mine a lot. Especially with the dreams recurring, it might be your psyche trying to tell you something. Or maybe it's nothing at all... I used to grow dried flowers too. They are so appreciated during the non-flowering months.

  2. I have house dreams. Occasionaly I have a garden dream. I love them all! They are always incredibley detailed dreams. I think I will have to do a post about my house dreams sometime.

    Tomatoes in the snow, must be beautiful.

  3. Those are the kinds of dreams we all would love to have. Mine are usually so far out on a limb they could not mean much. LOL! Everlastings would be nice reminders to have in the winter. The only flowers i dry are a few roses and hydrangea blooms.