Sunday, January 31, 2010

Goodbye January

Above is the view from my kitchen table, where I sit writing today. At least the sun is shining on this last day of January, but we woke to single digit temps and a stiff breeze that let us know winter still has us firmly by the scruff of the neck. Every now and again we are given a little shake, as if winter wants to let us know it could break us, if it really wanted. I'm not going down without a fight, however.

I've been low this winter, not feeling up to writing much, and today's sunshine was enough to rouse me. Gourdo, who has to keep busy always, has been at work on a project, building shelves to house a television and books in our living room. Ooooh yeah! Food Network is on!
The house is turned upside down as a result of the bookshelf project. I think that is adding to the feeling of malaise. As soon as I'm finished with this brief, keep-in-touch post, I'll attack the disarray and maybe whatever order I manage to restore will help with the mood around here.
I'm starting to plan trips to the various home and garden shows within an hour or two from us, and I'm also looking online for seeds to start in March. I have a few items on my wishlist and they are proving difficult to locate. Is that because they won't grow here in Ohio? My garden research really heats up now that January is done. If I decide to start seeds indoors, early March is when I'll want to have seeds and supplies at hand.
Goodbye, January, you vicious beast! I'm glad to see you go! Photos by JulenaJo.


  1. Hi Jo: I'm sure we are equally glad for january to be over so we're that much closer to planting time. Here is a wonderful site to get you into the garden sooner than ever...I'm really excited about this :( It's how to do fabric row covers over pvc hoops. I'm going to put plastic over my fabric to get those frost tender things out there even earlier.

  2. Thanks for the site, Kathi. I'm all for anything that makes the growing season longer.

  3. Without seasons life would be so dull Julena, how seasons differ from place to place, January is the most pleasant month for us here in South India and we dread the coming of the summer. It will pass. More over we, specially me, cannot afford to live in winters like yours. You cannot afford to be poor in such winters. It will be death for me and millions of poor in India.

    You have a spectacular view from your kitchen Julena.

  4. Julena~~ I couldn't have said it better myself. February, come on in! I know what you mean about being down. I've had a serious case of SAD this year. I hope you can find the seeds you're looking for. Have you checked on Dave's Garden? There's usually someone on tap to help. Stay in touch.

  5. I agree, good riddance to bad rubbish. January is my least favorite month! February may be a little gray, but at least it has Valentine's day and it usually gets a bit warmer by it's end. While that corn field may not be the view out my kitchen window, it's the same view I see on any trip I take away from home. Good old rural Ohio! I used to think farmlands made for boring views, but now that I've been in Ohio nearly six years, it's home.