Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dear Santa

Is there a gardener on you holiday shopping list? If so, let me make a few timely suggestions!
How about a magazine subscription? I can't get enough of The English Garden, Garden Design, Fine Gardening and Horticulture. Other good choices might be Organic Gardening or Birds & Blooms.

Pruning shears are a great gift, as are hand-held weeders, cultivators and trowels. Garden gloves are always appreciated--get extra long leather or heavy duty ones for those who love roses. An apron with lots of roomy pockets is handy for most gardeners, and a caddy for hand tools and seed packets is convenient, too. It doesn't have to be anything expensive--just a simple one from the discount store will do.

Gardener's hand soap and a nail brush is a thoughtful gift. Combine it with a soothing cream to make it extra special. How about a wide-brimmed hat? Watering cans, sprayers and sprinklers all make good gifts for those who love to garden.

If you'd like to let your gardener choose his or her own gift, there are always gift certificates. Who wouldn't love a certificate from David Austin Roses? Or Klehm's Song Sparrow? Or Bluestone Perennials? Or Burpee?

I hope I've given you some good ideas! And I hope Santa reads this blog entry!


  1. I think gardeners are the easiest people to shop for! My boyfriend still has a hard time shopping for me though. oh well!lol

  2. I decided to be my own Santa and subscribed to the English Garden thanks to your post!

  3. Nice Blog, I really like your blogroll and have visited many of them. We are into organic gardening and look for tips and advice on a regular basis. Thanks for keeping that gardening gusto going even in the cold months. Have a great Holiday Season and looking forward to spring!!
    Rich @ NY Homesteader