Friday, July 3, 2009

Garden Update

The blog has taken back seat to other pursuits recently, including the actual work in the garden, as well as tatting and trying to come up with things for the Farmer's Market. I am not particularly pleased with this year's flower bed. Weeds, especially thistle, are winning the war I wage against them. Lack of rain is taking a toll, stressing everything--except the thistles--in spite of frequent watering with a hose. The lawn is riddled with bald patches and is more weeds than grass. Today I squashed the first Japanese beetle, munching away on my Rose of Sharon. The Rose of Sharon opened its first blossom today, too, coincidentally.

Gourdo is concerned about the lack of rainfall, especially now that the gourd vines are starting to scramble up the sides of Gourdhenge. We've seen a few gourd blossoms unfurl each evening, attracting night-flying moths, which pollinate the creamy white flowers. No sign of baby gourds yet, though, much to Gourdo's consternation.

Another concern of Gourdo's and mine is the yellowing of our pin oak trees. They look chlorotic and we fear their eventual demise. I haven't taken a soil sample in to the county extension office for testing, but that's what various garden web sites recommend, as the wrong amendment to the soil could make the matter worse.

We've had many years of relatively easy gardening: now we're up against some challenges. I'll let you know how it goes! Garden 2009 photos by JulenaJo.


  1. Your garden is looking lovely! I wish we could send our excess rain your way, we are into our fourth week of it! I think there were 3 days of sun in june. The weeds just reroot themselves every time I hoe and the SLUGS are just horrible. Im picking the strawberries at the first hint of red and ripening them in the house. Even so they are getting a lot of them. I am reading a book on maritime climate change, it forcasts drought in the midwest and very wet cool summers in the east will become the norm. Very scary.
    Arent I just a ray of sunshine today?

  2. You are in central Ohio too, right? The rest of the world seems to be drowning, and here we are in our annual drought season! Hubby's beloved lawn is drying up, and I'm getting tired of dragging the hose around nearly every day. But all my baby plants need to be kept moist, so off I go!

  3. Hey! I found another central Ohio garden blogger. Your garden is looking good. It rained at work today..I hope it rained on our gardens. And you someone who actually knows what tatting is. My grandmother tatted and left me some of the tatter thingies. I tried my hand at it, but went back to knitting and crocheting...and lately all gardening. I'm glad I stopped by today. It's fun to hear what others are doing, and what they choose to blog about.