Friday, May 22, 2009

Today's Trash

Why do people think they can dump unwanted pets in the country? It is something I have seen many times over the years, and each time it blows me away.

Mama and her 3 kittens were deposited near our house yesterday. I have no idea by whom or when. The coward no doubt opened his or her car door and plunked her and her litter onto the ground and drove off hurriedly, before anyone could notice.

The cats are clean and well-kept. Judging from how mama wants to come right into the house with us, I expect she lived at least part of her life with a human family, indoors. She's loving and affectionate. I believe this must be her first litter as she is barely full grown herself.

Mama hid her kittens and scoped out the situation at our house after being left behind. Are these people friendly? Do they like cats? Will they have food and water? Will my babies be safe with them? Can we sleep here?

Maybe it seems like I'm giving this creature human thoughts, and you think I shouldn't do that. But once she saw we welcomed her and fed her, mama brought her kittens to the door. As soon as a rug-lined box was rustled up, she nested there with her babies. She ate and drank. She purred. She followed us as we worked about the yard and garden. She still seems to love people, even after being abandoned.

We would love to keep these kittens and their mother, but it is simply not practical for us. First of all, we already have a cat, Jasmine, and two dogs, Boo and Roxy. Boo has a strong hunting instinct. I'm afraid she might view these kittens as prey. Secondly, we would have to spay or neuter all of them, and this is a bad time for us to come up with that kind of money. So, the bottom line is, we have to do what the previous owner shirked doing: we have to find homes for these adorable creatures.

We are visiting Gourdo's mother this holiday weekend and will bring the cats to her house. She has agreed to take two of them, but the kittens are not quite old enough to leave their mother. I'm hoping she will keep the entire litter until the kittens are weaned. Then we can all try to find a home for the remaining two cats.

Note: Willy White Socks, above, has extra toes. He and one of his siblings are six or seven-toed. The third kitten and mama do not. The technical term for this is polydactyl. Ernest Hemingway had a polydactyl cat, and the many-toed descendants of his cat live on today at his former home and museum in Key West, Florida, where they are provided for by the terms of his will. Cat Photos by JulenaJo.


  1. It is just heartbreaking how folks do this. You are a Saint to take them all in. Last summer I found a kitten in my compost bin. Scared me half to death. Still don't know where it came from. I hauled it all the way to Maine where my kind sister took it in. I had a great deal of trouble trying to find a home for it. The shelters are all full and this is such an overwhelming problem this time of year with so many kittens. I wish you the utmost luck and good fortune for being so kind to these poor creatures.

  2. As a big cat person, your post stirs up all kinds of emotions, Julena. Anger at the selfish people who did this. Sadness at imagining how scared and confused Momma cat must have been (Yes I humanize cats all the time. "Cats are people too." is my motto.) And finally I'm happy that this precious little family found a loving human to take care of them. I hope you find a home for the rest.

  3. This happens far too often, animals being abandoned in the country..what do people think, the fairies will feed and house their cast off pets? Bless you for looking after these kitties.

  4. You are a wonderful and compassionate person as some people would never take them in. That mother kitty is so lucky to have been left near your home. I hope they all do well and find wonderful homes.

  5. They are adorable (mama included!). It is so frustrating when people do things like this. Thanks for caring, sensitive people like you, Julena;-)