Friday, April 24, 2009

Musings, Mystery, and Gourdhenge

Today, at last, we had warm weather. I saw the thermometer on the bank sign in town read 80 degrees Fahrenheit. A brisk breeze kept things comfortable. Tomorrow is supposed to be similar, I think. About time!

I managed to get into the yard a bit after work to assess the pruning I did last weekend and to see what is new. Although I am pleased to see the fragrant pink viburnum blossoms are opening (Viburnum carlesii 'Juddii') and the grape hyacinth, wild violets, and 'Thunderchild' crabapple, too, I was disappointed to see the forsythia won't have any more flowers. The plant bloomed at the very bottom, but nowhere else. It looks as though there will be no blooms on the Cleveland pear or on the dogwood, either. What gives? It's a mystery.

I wonder if it was the colder than usual spring? I noticed it didn't seem to affect weeds any. I'll have a bumper crop of dandelions and thistle to tangle with this year.

Gourdo took advantage of the good weather this afternoon to harvest old timbers from a fallen barn next door. (With the owner's permission, of course.) He's happily sawing and pounding out nails tonight, planning a "Gourdhenge." Gourdhenge is his term of endearment for a huge, rough timber arbor covered in gourd vines. He created one several years go, and has always longed for another. Gourd vines grow so rambunctiously it won't be long before the monstrosity is covered in a tangle of green. A galaxy of nightblooming blossoms will cover the arbor and, eventually, gourds of all sizes and shapes will garland the structure. It's really something to see--even if gourds aren't your cup of tea. Above you see little Roxy, bravely sitting in the gourd patch of two years ago. Ok. Not so bravely. You'd never catch me sitting out there like that. Those gourds'll getcha if you sit still too long. I'll stick with roses. Gourd photo by Gourdo.


  1. Julena - what a beautiful name, and a great way to remember your grandma.

  2. I hope you show us your "gourdhenge" all through the process of getting it up and then in all the seasons! It sounds lovely! :)

  3. Gourdhenge sounds so awesome! I can imagine how spectacular it will be especially with reclaimed lumber. Have fun!

  4. Hi Julena! Very interesting! I'm afraid I don't have enough space for such a monster. It's very tempting although...looking so healthy ... And Roxi is so cute!

  5. Cant wait to see a photo, it sounds magnificent!

  6. Hi Julena~~ Glad to hear you're FINALLY getting decent weather. I think this spring has been a test of patience for all of us.

    Roxi is a cutie-pie. I'm thinking frost might have killed the flower buds on your forsythia but another possibility is late pruning. If it was pruned too late in the season, the bush didn't have enough time to form flower buds.

    I love barn wood. can't wait to see photos of the "monstrosity." (I love that word.) I've got a few of my own monstrosities but I'm not sure I'm brave enough to post photos.

    Have you seen the book on gourds? I can't recall the name or author but I believe (if I'm remembering correctly which is highly questionable) that it had photos of an allee with gourds.