Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jolly Halloween

I'm flying off on my broomstick tomorrow morning for another brief visit to my sister's house near Nashville, Tennessee. I wish, like Samantha Stevens of "Bewitched" fame, I could just wiggle my nose and get this load of laundry and sink full of dishes done so I could tat or read this evening. Alas. No such magic is at my disposal. And boy, did I date myself there! I'm off to do my chores, and I won't be back until November 1. Happy Halloween! Artwork: Vintage Postcard.


  1. I wish you could sit and tat this evening, too! I'd love to see what your tatting at present. Have a nice visit to see your sister.

  2. Oh Mary,
    I already have tried to send you a message but do not know if it went through. So happy that you are doing the blogging. You are so gifted it is wonderful to hear what you are doing. Please, make sure that I am posted....Big hug.... Katy
    How do I do such a thing? you shall have to teach me. Hope Patti is well.