Thursday, May 20, 2010

Notes from the Rose Garden

So far this year the garden is looking better than I expected after the way several plants turned chlorotic on me last year. To help pull them out of it, I've been heavily feeding the roses. The plentiful rain helps, too. The blooms are numerous and huge. Just look at the blossom of 'Brilliant Pink Iceberg,' shown above. The reverse of those lovely painted petals is white. What a stunner!
I've been ruthlessly ripping out anything that looks weak. I lost the multi-hued rose 'Flutterbye.' Only one malformed shoot sprouted this spring, so out she went. I wasn't about to wait and see what the monstrosity produced by way of bloom, if anything. The plant was obviously diseased.
Out went the trio of 'Carefree Delight' shrub roses. While I've been a great fan of this rose ever since seeing the glorious hedge of them at Whetstone Park of Roses in Columbus, OH, I had to admit they just were not performing up to snuff in my own wind-beaten backyard. In addition, the super prickly canes prevented any possibility of weeding under and around them, and every year there were dead canes that I had trouble cutting out. I've been happily contemplating what might go in the hole they left in my flower bed.
The roses that looked chlorotic last year are still looking a little peaked. I've been drenching them with Miracle Gro Rose Food every week in addition to the regular granules I use every six weeks. The yellowed leaves are taking on a little green finally. Whew. Who would ever think that a rugosa like 'Wildberry Breeze' would go chlorotic? Aren't they supposed to be foolproof? I guess NOT! The floribunda 'Angel Face' looked bad, too, but she's rallying.
Ah well...the backyard smells heavenly. Now if we'd just get a few sunny days so that I could get out and enjoy it! 'Brilliant Pink Iceberg' photos by JulenaJo.

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  1. Hi Julena~~ Beautiful rose. Roses are painful, aren't they? Both mentally and physically. I tried 'Bonica' another supposed foolproof rose, similar to 'Carefree Delight.' It was such a disappointment. Ditto for 'Angel Face.' But such a lovely fragrance. Good luck with your babies. All your TLC will undoubtedly pay off big time. And all that free space will be fun to fill.