Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hints of Autumn

Ok, it's still really early, but to me it feels like autumn is definitely on the horizon. There was fog this morning. Dew on the spiderwebs. Darkness barely lifting at 6 a.m. I took a few photos to show how it looked outside my back door. I even included a photo of my "creative potting" technique! LOL There is a story there, but that's for another day.

I so dread seeing summer's end that maybe I get a little jumpy at the first inkling of autumn. Now, granted, I enjoy all the seasons for their various blessings, but winter is harder and harder to bear the older I get.

This summer has been odd in so many ways. Cooler than ever, for one thing. No bugs, for another. That is probably because it's been too dry for insects. I've seen more honeybees though--they've been swarming to my birdbath and the Russian sage--and I'm happy for that. But I've not seen more than a few beetles on the Rose of Sharon and the roses. There are no mosquitoes.

Evenings on the patio are a delight without insect pests to bother us. The only concerns this year are lack of water and the rampant weeds, especially thistle and black medic. August Fog photos by JulenaJo.


  1. I love that hazy look in the peaceful and calm! Your blooms all look great, JulenaJo!

  2. Your pictures are beautiful! They look good enough to be in a book or calendar! That's something about your flowers not selling, but if they draw people to your booth they are worth it. Plus, you get to enjoy their beauty the whole time you are there!

  3. Like you, I am quite unprepared for autumn's arrival. I often tell people that winter gets harder and harder to bear every year, so we are certainly alike in our thinking. Let summer reign forever!