Friday, September 5, 2008

A Daunting Proposition

Creating a first blog is a daunting proposition. On one hand, I love the idea of sharing my thoughts with the world. On the other, I hate the idea of sharing my thoughts with the world. Ha!
I'm not sure I even have an objective for this blog, however, I feel compelled to start writing and sharing, and so here goes.
In no particular order, the following topics appeal to me:
Gardening, especially roses. That's Europeana above, a rose with zero scent but whenever I spotted her in a garden anywhere I was drawn to her healthy good looks: bronzy foliage and dazzling lipstick red blooms. I have three Europeana in my garden, but they're being overgrown by Blanc Double de Coubert, so I will be transplanting them next spring, I imagine.
Food and cooking, especially easy, healthy, and delicious meals for my family.
Horses--we just adopted a lovely quarter horse for my 15-year-old daughter, and we know NOTHING about horses! EEK!
Painting, especially watercolors.
Tatting--I learned to tat and love it.
Religion, especially Roman Catholicism (although I tend to be pretty lax these days).
That's a start. My interests are eclectic and I imagine my postings will be, too. Enjoy!

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